The complete rules for the Chaos Wars Classic Rules: 2nd Edition are available for download here:

Click on each link below to open the specific file:

  pdf Book 1: Game Mechanics (Needed to Play) (6.38 MB)

  pdf Book 2: Building an Army Roster (Needed to Play) (4.09 MB)

  pdf Book 3: Ancient Rivalry Campaign (Supplemental Material) (4.82 MB)

  pdf Book 4: Legendary Scenarios (Supplemental Material) (6.49 MB)

  pdf Book 5: Personalities (Supplemental Material) (3.37 MB)

  pdf Book 6: Armies of the Chaos Wars (Supplemental Material) (6.64 MB)

  pdf Book 7: Army Roster Tools (Supplemental Material) (6.96 MB)

 Book 8: Clash of Runes and Bone Campaign (Supplemental Material)

When printing these documents, we suggest setting your printer to black & white, as opposed to color printing.  Printed copies of these books are also available for purchase on our webstore.

Player Aides:

 Game Reference Sheet

 Spell Cards

After reviewing the rules, and trying them out, please join us on the Forums to discuss the game, and your experiences with it.