The complete rules for the Chaos Wars Classic Rules: 2nd Edition are available for download here:

Click on each link below to open the specific file:

  pdf Book 1: Game Mechanics (Needed to Play) (6.38 MB)

  pdf Book 2: Building an Army Roster (Needed to Play) (4.09 MB)

  pdf Book 3: Ancient Rivalry Campaign (Supplemental Material) (4.82 MB)

  pdf Book 4: Legendary Scenarios (Supplemental Material) (6.49 MB)

  pdf Book 5: Personalities (Supplemental Material) (3.37 MB)

  pdf Book 6: Armies of the Chaos Wars (Supplemental Material) (6.64 MB)

  pdf Book 7: Army Roster Tools (Supplemental Material) (6.96 MB)

 Book 8: Clash of Runes and Bone Campaign (Supplemental Material)

When printing these documents, we suggest setting your printer to black & white, as opposed to color printing.  Printed copies of these books are also available for purchase on our webstore.

Player Aides:

  pdf Game Reference Sheet (308 KB)

 Spell Cards

After reviewing the rules, and trying them out, please join us on the Forums to discuss the game, and your experiences with it.